Superhood: Street Level Community Engagement.

New Zealanders will need to respond to the changing natural, economic, social and political environment.

We will need  to adapt and prepare to operate in tomorrows ‘normal’.

It will be important to have networks that will be mutually beneficial to meeting needs. The most apparent, accessible and relevant network available to most people is the street they live on. 

The Superhood project explores how to connect and engage the residents of a street in central Auckland with a view to making it a more friendly, fun, resilient and inherently more sustainable place to live.  

This initial report examines the systems the street operates within and establishes an implementation plan to initiate actions and grow engagement in the street.



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Nice work dave, it looks great.
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Hey Dave, am working on a doco and its possible this project of yours might be helpful. Keen to talk. My email - Cheers!